Kobalt vs. Husky air compressor: what are the differences and which is better?

Both Husky and Kobalt manufacturers create one of the bestselling air compressors in the US. They are popular as the makers of the most decent air compressors. Two companies were observed to be strict with the standard of their products.

Kobalt and Husky brands might seem similar at the first glance as they make excellent compressors, so it is easy to get confused when it comes to picking the perfect model for your objectives from them. 

However, Kobalt and Husky have their own strong and weak sides. They aren’t producing air compressors of identical performance, design, and endurance.

If you are reading this text, it will assist you in understanding the primary differences between Kobalt and Husky. We will explain the major pluses and minuses of the brands, their peculiarities, and, in comparison to each other, for what type of exploitation air compressor to purchase.

In the end, you will become more assertive in selecting the right air compressor.

kobalt vs. husky air compressor

Origins of air compressor companies

The Husky manufacturer

The Husky private company was founded in 1924 with its first product, impact wrenches, and was called “Husky Wrenches”. Throughout the years, the owners of the brand changed its name.

Finally, Stanley Black & Decker brand brought it back to produce instruments for Home Depot in 1992.

Nowadays, Husky presents us, with not only air compressors but a range of tools: hand tools, pneumatic tools, tool storage, etc.

The Kobalt brand

In comparison to Husky, Kobalt is a new brand that was brought up by Lowe’s in 1998 to manufacture different outdoor machinery along with power tools and air tools.

Kobalt gained more popularity in 2011 when it began to produce lithium-ion battery-powered instruments.

This company focuses on a method that requires less energy, and it can be useful in small projects.

Similarities of Husky and Kobalt air compressors

Either of the labels offers air compressors of multiple kinds and volumes. Many of them are oil lubricated and have a vertical design, nonetheless, can provide oil-free pumps too. You can easily select the supreme one that suits you out of the two brands.

Moreover, Husky and Kobalt manufacturers are alike in the production of electrically operated air compressor that needs up to 230 volts with the highest possible pressure of 175 PSI.


Husky vs. Kobalt air compressor

Pros of using the Husky air compressor

Husky is a well-acclaimed label for making high-notch air compressors, and it is true. Husky air compressor assures effective performance. A service life warranty is also what the brand offers. You can easily substitute your old Husky tools conveniently.

The Husky air compressors can be unportable and portable, which comes in handy at times. They are uncomplicated to reserve and carry.

Another advantage of the Husky air compressors does not cause oil leakage as their competitors do because their pump has outstanding characteristics. Husky manufactures not only oil-lubricated but oil-free pumps as well.

Furthermore, such compressors generate less sound typically associated with air compressors but are acknowledged to have a few technical difficulties.

Most of the clients are satisfied with their Husky air compressors and confirmed that it is more sustainable and sturdier compared to Kobalt air compressors. Indeed, such air compressors provide trustworthy customer service.

Cons of using the Husky air compressor

Despite the Husky air compressor is one of the most optimal, it has some drawbacks. For example, you have to use a separate heavy-duty circuit. Common home circuits are incompatible with them.

Also, the durability of the Husky compressor is debatable. According to some clients, some models are not as long-lasting and top quality as they might seem.

One more downside is if you exploit a husky air compressor continuously for an extended time, you are more likely to end up with motor failure. They are designed to operate with short breaks to perfectly perform.

Advantages of Kobalt air compressors

The Kobalt air compressor can be a lot more portable than the Husky air compressor. As the company focuses on producing air compressors for light practice, usually with electric motors, it has a diversity of compressors from 1.5 to 5.0 HP.

One of the benefits is that the Kobalt air compressor comes in various types: couplers, electric, and standard air compressors. You can also choose an oil-free pump or an oil-lubricated pump.

In addition, they offer highly portable and unportable compressors with practical designs like twin shapes, horizontal, vertical, and hotdog-style compressors.

The most noticeable advantage of the Kobalt air compressor is ensuring quiet operation. Even Husky air compressors can’t contend with how quietly Kobalt air compressors perform.

Such offerings allow clients to pick the most suitable air compressor for their specific purpose at a relatively lower price.

Disadvantages of Kobalt air compressors

One of the leading handicaps of buying a Kobalt air compressor is that Kobalt will not fix your broken unit.

They are not responsible for problems regarding your purchase, so Kobalt does not provide maintenance services.

In contrast to the Husky air compressor, the Kobalt air compressor is priced slightly lower. However, some people reported that they don’t live up to the cost value. Further, the Kobalt compressor has comparatively cheap quality.

Besides, Kobalt air compressor doesn’t have as effective execution as Husky compressors and are known to break down after a couple of years of exploitation, although they might seem like a more affordable choice.

You too should know that Kobalt doesn’t produce excellent air compressors for large workstations that can withstand great pressure and can’t work for an extended period.

Differences: Husky vs. Kobalt air compressor

Comparing the two similar models from each of the companies, it is noticeable that Kobalt designs its compressors to make it easier for the clients to move them, hence usually, they are smaller than the Husky.

If you seek a low-weight air compressor, then Kobalt compressors are moderately lighter, whereas Husky mainly manufactures compressors sturdier. However, the difference in mass is unnoticeable because when comparing alike models from the brands, they are nearly the same. 

Regarding the noise levels, sometimes the circumstances do not allow disturbing other people with loudness, so you must know, in that case, it is better to buy an air compressor made by Kobalt. Although Husky makes quieter compressors as well, some of Kobalt’s models are nearly silent, for example, Kobalt 4.3 compressor presents 68 dba of the sound level.

Also, both brands provide air compressors with varying tank pressure and characteristics of oil-lubricated or oil-free pumps.


Field of exploitation: Husky vs. Kobalt air compressor

According to specific details about the air compressors of the companies, there are things they are more appropriate for. Depending on the two brands’ air compressor’s distinct features, they are executed for different places and workloads.

Husky air compressor

Because Husky air compressors are tougher and can bear extreme pressure, they are highly reliable in heavy-duty commercial tasks and at home. Many commercial workstations and expert garages suggest relying on an air compressor produced by Husky.

The fact that Husky tools and equipment go with a guaranteed replacement of air tools makes them ideal for professional workstations.

We shouldn’t forget that the Husky air compressor has generally more horsepower than other brands’ products. Their powerful efficiency is the explanation for their high demand from customers. 

Kobalt air compressor

The Kobalt air compressor is assessed as a preferable alternative for DIY projects, garages, homes, and other light usages. Quiet operation of the air compressor, diversity of models, and lower price allow comfortable employment of such air compressor. 

What is the best: Husky vs. Kobalt air compressor

Concurrently, Kobalt and Husky air compressors have their pluses and minuses, yet Husky is recommended as the best air compressor to employ for professional garages and workstations that imply heavy-duty tasks. The high-quality air compressors the Husky produces are highly dependable and require little maintenance.

While the Kobalt air compressor holds no accountability for any technical matters, the Husky air compressor is accompanied by a lifetime guarantee. Kobalt has unsupportive client service, and their instruments and machines don’t last as long.

So, it is undoubted that air compressors from Husky will serve a prolonged time, causing minimal trouble in most cases. A Kobalt compressor’s life is generally shorter due to cheaper build quality. Furthermore, you will have to spend more money on the repair and replacement of the compressor from Kobalt.

Despite Kobalt air compressors being less boisterous, they can’t outmatch in efficiency and working time of the air compressors of the Husky company. Just don’t forget to give air compressors short breaks when working for an extended period to not cause motor failure.

On a final note, the Husky vs. Kobalt air compressor debate ends with a judgment that the Husky air compressor is on average a better option between the two.

However, if you are not confident that you will use an air compressor that much, and you know the workload will be modest, it is advised to begin with a Kobalt air compressor.

Hope this article helped you to understand the main differences between the brands, and you now can choose the most appropriate one for yourself.


Frequently asked questions: Husky vs. Kobalt air compressor

Which air compressor is best?

Husky is the best air compressor among the two labels. The company guarantees the replacement of tools as well as quality and durability. Even if Kobalt produces trustworthy air compressors too, they are dependable for a shorter time than a husky.

What type of air compressor lasts the longest?

Many at present know Husky air compressor’s running time is much longer compared to Kobalt’s. To ensure that your air compressor lives longer, it is essential to have short breaks during the usage of the compressor; thus the motor will not fail.

Who manufactures the Husky air compressor?

Home Depot introduced Husky more than 25 years ago, and now Campbell Hausfeld creates air compressors for the companies. Husky pumps are likewise manufactured in the USA.

Do Kobalt air compressors have a lifetime warranty?

Unfortunately, the Kobalt air compressor does not have a service life warranty. Kobalt does not offer renewal of old tools or help with technical problems customers have. Unreliable client services are one of the reasons why plenty prefer purchasing air compressors from Husky private company.

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