Power washer with air compressor: is it possible?

A diverse range of cleaning methods and equipment are required to maintain cleanliness in various parts of the household. Utilizing a garden hose with a nozzle attachment can work for light cleaning, but more heavy-duty cleaning tasks may require a pressure washer.

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You can also construct your personal pressure washer using various gadgets and necessities, including an air compressor, to own multiple tools wrapped as one. However, the feasibility of this approach depends on several factors such as the kind of pressure washer, water pressure, and the size and complexity of the workload.

Air compressor

Air compressors play a crucial role in most places. The modern designs of air compressors have made them more compact and adaptable to various work settings.

air compressor

One advantage of air compressors is their superior power compared to traditional tools, without utilizing motors of large size. A single engine can drive several tools, utilizing air pressure to reach optimal performance. Additionally, air compressors are low-maintenance, requiring only occasional oiling.

The ingenuity displayed in the development of air compressors is remarkable, making it essential to understand their functionality to choose the preferred air compressor.

Can I use an air compressor as a power washer?

The response to this question isn’t straightforward because it depends on the difficulty of the task. Although utilizing an air compressor as a pressure washer can produce some degree of pressure, it cannot match the power of most pressure washers.

A regular garden hose can generate a moderate amount of pressure but this amount doesn’t even stand close to the pressure generated by a pressure washer. Regardless of any improvements, an air compressor is unlikely to double its range.

With an extension like a Guardair Water Jet Cleaning Gun, an air compressor can act as a low-level pressure washer.

However, utilizing an air compressor as a pressure washer is applicable when a bit more powerful jet stream is required than a garden hose can give, but not as strong as a regular pressure washer. It can increase the power of the air compressor twofold compared to the standard garden hose.

Nevertheless, when it comes to challenging jobs, it is advisable to utilize a gas or electric pressure washer rather than attempting to improve an air compressor. Attempting to modify the air compressor into a pressure washer utilizing several attachments might not produce satisfactory outcomes.

Although an air compressor can clean tiny amounts of dirt, it isn’t capable of cleaning the dirty externals entirely. Therefore, it should be comprehended as a maintenance pressure washer. It is fit for routine maintenance cleaning and a pressure washer is better for the entire restoration.

A thorough guide on how to use an air compressor as a pressure washer

Utilizing an air compressor as a pressure washer is a straightforward procedure that requires four objects, including an air compressor, an outdoor faucet, a spray gun as a pressure washer attachment, and a garden hose.

use an air compressor as a pressure washer

It is believed that compressed air can let the air compressor become a pressure washer. In case you possess the necessary tools, feel free to pursue the moves stated and improve the existing air compressor.

Initially, it is necessary to activate the air compressor. Begin by activating it and allowing it to accumulate air pressure. Don’t forget to set the preferred air pressure and keep in mind that it is essential not to surpass the highest functioning pressure.

Nextly, the pressure washer attachment ought to come into action. A spray gun or a pressure washer gun should be attached to the water supply. The garden hose should be tied to the spray gun. After that, the remaining edge should link to the outdoor faucet.

Consequently, once a satisfactory level of air pressure is reached, link the air hose from the air compressor with the pressure washer attachment. Thus, the spray gun should link to the air compressor hose.

Eventually, when the necessary equipment is connected, you should start the faucet to let water flow can reach the spray gun through the air hose. In case you followed the steps correctly, the gun should be spraying water in the pointed directions.

Utilizing a garden hose as a pressure washer: what are the consequences?

Although the garden hose can provide power, it can’t become a pressure washer. You might have experimented with procedures like obstructing the garden hose opening with your thumb or utilizing a nozzle with several settings, which can produce a relatively forceful steam.

However, there are some products made by Guardair Mechanical Components that claim to let a garden hose become a pressure washer. Despite generating a strong jet stream, many evaluations suggest that there isn’t much difference from a high-pressure hose. Thus, pressure washers are the correct power tools.

It’s crucial to recognize that if you attempt to convert your air compressor or garden hose into a pressure washer, you shouldn’t anticipate comparable outcomes. Although they might be useful for some tasks, such as basic maintenance pressure washing, they won’t be as effective for tough cleaning.

Other possible techniques to pressure washing

Numerous individuals desire to save garage space. Who would love to deal with bulky equipment? In case you are among these individuals, think about acquiring a combination unit that functions as both an air compressor and a pressure washer.

possible techniques to pressure washing

Although it might be challenging to locate one, it’s worth the attempt. They are powered by electricity and might not provide as much pressure as a gas-pressure washer but they are a great option.

However, if this option isn’t feasible for you, you could explore other cleaning methods to manage excessive build-up. They are washing manually, soft washing, and heat.

Washing manually

Why not resort to the traditional method of hand washing instead of relying on modern cleaning tools? While it may require some effort, and elbow grease, and make you filthy with a scrub brush, it can be just as effective in removing grime.

A significant advantage of hand cleaning is that it is much quieter than utilizing noisy equipment, allowing you to fulfill your duties without bothering others.

Although pressure washers might seem like the obvious solution for tough cleaning jobs like oil spills, there are other procedures too.

For instance, you can utilize kitty litter or sprinkle sawdust to sponge the oil and then clean it up, followed by utilizing a garden hose to remove the remaining mud.

Hot water and dishwashing soap could also be utilized to get rid of unwanted dirt. If you come across the oil stain, a brush dipped in a hot water and soap mix can be utilized to cleanse it away.

Soft washing

Soft washing has emerged as a popular alternative to pressure washing for a variety of operations. Roofers, in particular, discourage the utilization of pressure washers as they can cause irreversible damage.

This technique, on the other hand, uses an elevated volume of water at a low water pressure, providing a more thorough cleaning. Its ability to access smaller areas makes it the best approach.

Furthermore, soft washing requires little water pressure, letting us utilize a standard garden hose.

Therefore, this approach has been hailed as superior to pressure washing due to its ability to utilize any soap, while pressure washers need specific soaps to avoid excessive foaming.


The use of heat is a crucial element in attaining effective cleaning results. In case it’s difficult to get rid of the dirt, utilizing a scraping tool or a heat gun can alleviate the removal procedure.

Thus, if the pressure washer isn’t available, it’s a reasonable way of addressing some of the cleaning tasks.


Here are some common questions with answers.

How much PSI is enough for a pressure washer?

It depends on the places where the pressure washer is going to be employed. But mostly the advisable PSI is between 2000 and 3000.

What is an air pressure washer?

It is an appliance that is used to pressure wash things. Its mechanism depends on the combination of water and shop air to create a powerful jet of water.

What is the difference between a power washer and a pressure washer?

There is only one difference, which is the use of heat. A pressure washer uses high pressures to strongly clean the dirt, while a power washer utilizes the same technique, however, with the heated water.


There are different opinions regarding the ability of the air compressor to become a pressure washer. Depending on the difficulty of the task, an air compressor can be used as a pressure washer.

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