Who makes Husky air compressors? — Things you might not know

Buying expensive equipment, which is exactly what an air compressor is, it is better to do some research in advance if you want to avoid wasting your money.

And, probably, trying to figure out which air compressor would be better, you came across a Husky air compressor.

According to user feedback, this compressor is great for those who are looking for cost-effective, high-quality air compressors.

However, to better understand this product, it does not hurt to find out who makes Husky air compressors and where they are made.

So, we are going to talk about that in the article.

Who makes Husky air compressors?

Before discussing specifically Husky air compressors, let me first clarify one thing.

All of us know the Home Depot corporation. It is an American retailer that is the largest retail corporation specializing in tools and building materials on the planet. But it does not produce the products they sell.

Therefore, all the things you can find there are manufactured by other brands.

So, products (Husky compressors) of the Husky brand are exclusively sold in this corporation.

However, the manufacturer of these air compressors is Campbell Hausfeld (a popular compressor manufacturer in the United States whose main markets are the workshop and DIY-at-home market) which is in the United States.

Sometimes on the Internet, you can stumble upon the information that the production of Husky air compressors is handled by Ningbo Huasheng Air Compressors Co. (Chinese compressor manufacturer), not by Campbell.

There is a bit of truth in these statements, as some Campbell air compressors are made in China.

It should also be noted that Campbell Hausfeld itself stated that they do not just sell air compressors exclusively at Home Depot, but they make them specifically for them. Therefore, you can only buy Husky air compressors at Home Depot stores.

A bit of brand history: owners of Husky air compressors

What do we know about Husky compressors?

Husky brand was founded at the beginning of the 20th century (most likely on January 8, 1924, when the Husky name was first used for commercial purposes). It has been in continuous existence since that time.

Although, many wrongly believe this brand appeared relatively recently. And all because of the contract with Home Depot.

Sigmund Mandl is named as the founder of the Husky brand; however, there were other people who worked with him, such as Joseph O. Wirtish, Oscar W. Engerson, and John G. Zummach, apart from J.H. Williams Tool Group they worked in cooperation with.

Note that the brand’s name was Husky Wrench back then.

In 1929, Husky was sold to another company called Olsen Manufacturers, and to New Britain Machine Company (specializes in hand tools and machinery) in 1932.

In 1980, Husky was sold again, but this time to the National Hand Tools company.

All this time, whoever owned the brand, Husky produced different tools (like hand and power tools, or air tools, for instance).

I guess you won’t be surprised to know that after some time, the Husky brand was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker company (which manufactures industrial tools and hardware) in 1986.

Subsequently, this company signed a contract for the exclusive sale of Husky tools at Home Depot stores (in 1992).

Now it is a well-known and reliable compressor brand in the United States.

Where are Husky air compressors manufactured?

Initially, when the company was just gaining momentum, it produced most of its products itself and in the United States.

However, with the gradual growth of the company, they had to hand off production of their tools, including an air compressor, to other companies.

The first external manufacturer of Husky tools was Apex Tools (which owns such brands as Crescent, Weller, etc.).

Since 2023, Campbell Hausfeld (a major subsidiary of the Marmon Group) has been producing Husky tools for the brand, as I mentioned before.

The interesting thing is… when the brand gained popularity, people could not find USA-made branding on Husky air compressors, which naturally indicates that Husky products are manufactured by third parties in other countries, like China or India.

However, the change of manufacturer does not affect the quality of products in any way; therefore they are still popular with people.

Do they sell Husky air compressors at Home Depot?

At Home Depot, both in the store and on the online site, you can find a large number of Husky air compressors.

In addition to an air compressor, other products produced by Husky like floor jacks, air tools, garage storage units, tool storage, plumbing equipment, and many others are sold there.

Moreover, the air compressors might differ in type, capacity, and, accordingly, price, so you can choose the Husky air compressor you will like or will be needed.

Although, it is worth noting that portable air compressors prevail in the store.

Husky air compressor — is it worth buying?

When buying any product, it is significant that it does not break down in a few months, so let’s figure out if it is worth buying Husky air compressors or if it is better to look for something better.


The first and probably one of the most important things is the cost. Compared to other expensive brands like DeWalt, for instance, Husky air compressors do not cost too much.


Apart from the reasonable cost, Husky air compressors are not worse in quality and reliability than other brands. If you go through people’s reviews, it becomes clear that the air compressor will not break down while performing demanding operations, and it is also unlikely to make a lot of noise.


Actually, their air compressor is considered one of the quietest, so it can be used wherever it is convenient for you, without annoying people around.


Do not also forget that Husky air compressors portable, which allows you to move around with the compressor in your hands without much difficulty.

Final words

So, what have we learned, who makes Husky air compressors? Currently, Husky belongs to an American company, Home Depot, but it is Campbell company that manufactures Husky compressor pumps.

On the Home Depot stores’ shelves, you can find Husky tools like hand and air tools, for example, as well as a Husky air compressor, but only the air compressor is made exclusively for Home Depot, so you can only find it in Home Depot’s stores.

Frequently asked questions

Who manufactures Husky air compressor?

Initially, the Husky company was founded by Sigmund Mandl in 1924 and was called Husky Wrench.
Currently, Campbell Hausfeld (a known air compressor retailer) owns Husky air compressors, which means that many Husky air compressors are manufactured at the same place as Campbell air compressors.

Are Husky and Craftsman air compressors the same?

No, these are not the same air compressors, even though they were owned by one company, Stanley Black & Decker, they are still two different brands.
Although there is one big similarity between these two brands — they both manufacture air compressors. However, choosing between Craftsman and Husky air compressors, it is better to purchase a Husky air compressor since their products have a lifetime warranty you can use to repair the air compressor if it breaks.

Do Husky air compressors have a lifetime warranty?

A remarkable fact is that Husky air compressors do have a lifetime warranty (besides, since its foundation), as well as a service outfit that repairs air compressors. The only thing you need to do is to find out in the store where you bought your Husky air compressor, which company repairs air compressors under warranty.

Who made Craftsman compressors?

Craftsman tools first appeared on store shelves in 1927, and at that time, Sears company in the United States founded the brand. However, the company did not produce Craftsman tools personally, other companies did that.
At the moment, the Craftsman brand belongs to one of the oldest American companies, Stanley Black & Decker, which acquired the brand in 2017. By the way, this is the same company that bought Husky in 1986.

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