Easy guide: how to fill HPA tank with air compressor

If you have an interest in activities that demand high-pressure air, you’ll have to examine how to fill HPA tank with air compressor.

Easy guide: how to fill HPA tank with air compressor

Calibrate your HPA tank

Before replenishing your HPA tank with an air compressor, it’s compulsory to make certain it is an empty HPA tank and untied of any last air or pressure. Avoid hot fill.

Calibrate the object for any indications of harm or usage, such as fractures, deformities, or see pages. In case you detect any problems, avoid charging the tank to stop potential hazards.

Produce your air compressor

Make certain that the air compressor you have is acceptable for your HPA tank.

To establish the right connection, make certain to examine both the maximum psi rating and the fitting size without altering the intended meaning of the input.

Be sure to modify the pressure regulator to the designated level that corresponds to your HPA tank.

Link the air compressor to the HPA tank

Unite the air compressor hose to the fill valve of the HPA tank for charging the tank with an air compressor.

It is paramount to make certain that your air compressor is linked to a dependable and steady power supply. In case of uncertainty regarding the process, it is suggested to refer to the user manual of your HPA tank and air compressor.

Activate the air compressor

Activate the air compressor and permit it to accumulate pressure. Observe the pressure gauge on the air compressor diligently to confirm that it attains the compulsory level needed for your HPA tank.

Calibrate the HPA tank with air compressor

Afterward, the air compressor generated abundant air pressure, proceeding to recharge the HPA tank of the air compressor.

To permit the airflow, convert the valve on the HPA tank. It is principal to observe the pressure gauge on the HPA tank and make certain that it stays below the highest air pressure rating to stop any potential matters.

To explore your HPA tank with an air compressor, it’s significant to slowly fill the tank and steer clear of excessive charging.

Shut down the valve and disconnect the air compressor

After charging up the HPA tank, shut off the valve and detach the air compressor hose. Ahead you separate the hose from the tank with air, making certain to unlock any last pressure in it to stop a sudden release of air. It is advisable to install an air release valve on your HPA tanks.

Bleed the tank

After charging the HPA tank to the needed pressure, turn off the air compressor and deliver the tank pressure.

To produce the tank safe for handling, it is predominant to relieve any additional pressure present inside. To deliver the pressure in the tank, unlock the bleed valve located on the fill station or regulator, and wait until the gauge indicates zero pressure.

Examine the HPA tank again

It is vital to handle the HPA tank carefully and stop any dropping or hitting after recharging the tank with an air compressor.

Doing so can result in damaging the tank, leading to leaks or other potential safety hazards.

Once you are satisfied with the examination, your HPA tank is better to go for your upcoming activity.

Understanding HPA tanks

Before charging your HPA tank, it is critical to know about the various kinds of HPA tanks that are attainable.

To charge your HPA tank with compressed air, it is paramount to select the appropriate air compressor. Make sure to search for a high-pressure air compressor and appropriate fittings that fit your HPA tank.

In the filling process for HPA tanks in a secure and uncomplicated manner, it is essential to adhere to recommended guidelines, utilize appropriate equipment, and handle the tanks cautiously to avoid any potential harm or leakage.

HPA tanks find frequent usage in paintball guns and markers as they offer a dependable and uniform supply of compressed air, which consequently enhances the accuracy and performance of the device.

In case you are a beginner in paintball and have yet not purchased your equipment, various paintball fields and rental services provide paintball guns and HPA tanks that you can use during the game.

Choosing the right air compressor

To rightly charge your HPA tank with compressed air, it is vital to select the appropriate air compressor.

Search for items that can withstand high pressure and have suitable fittings to fix with your HPA tank. It is major to make certain that they are dependable and user-friendly as well.

Certain premium compressors are equipped with a pressure switch incorporated inside them. With this feature, it becomes easier to fill the HPA tank accurately without the risk of overburdening.

Easy guide how to fill HPA tank with air compressor 2

Safety gear

It is essential to wear appropriate safety equipment when you fill an HPA tank using an air compressor. It is required to wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and earmuffs.

Make certain that the pressure gauge on the air compressor reaches the suitable level for your HPA tank by monitoring it.

How often to fill your HPA tank

The frequency with which you have to fill an HPA tank with air compressor is based on how frequently it is being used.

It is important to keep count of the number of shots you take per refill and refill the tank before it gets empty of compressed air.

Storing your HPA tank

When not employed, it’s significant to stock your HPA tank rightly.

Hold it in a fresh, bare place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Also, make certain to deliver the pressure from the tank when storing it for an extended period.

Cleaning your HPA tank

Systematic cleaning of your HPA tank is vital to keep it in good condition. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent to clean the exterior of the tank, and be sure to remove any dirt or debris from the fill valve.

Troubleshooting common problems

If you encounter any problems when you try to fill an HPA tank with compressed air, there are a few regular issues to look out for.

These include leaks, low pressure, and difficulty connecting the air hose. Consult the user manuals for your HPA tank for troubleshooting tips. It’s critical to remove any air inside the compressor and hoses before connecting them to the tank.

When handling and maintaining your HPA tank and regulator, it’s paramount to examine the O-rings and regulator seals regularly.

Tips for replenishing your HPA tank faster

If you’re in a hurry and need to fill an HPA tank quickly, there are a few tips to help speed up the procedure.

These insert applying a larger air compressor, filling the tank in stages, and using a hose with a larger diameter.

Charging your HPA tank at home vs. at a field

The basic advantage of filling HPA tanks at a field is that you can have access to excellent air hoses, which can make the filling process faster and more efficient.

Additionally, replenishing your HPA tank at a field indicates you don’t have to transport a large air compressor and air hose with you. In case you are unable to reach an air compressor or fill station, an option to replenish HPA tank is to visit the nearest gas station that has an air pump.

Nevertheless, if you have your own air compressor and air hose at home, replenishing your HPA tank at home can be a convenient option.

And don’t forget, when replenishing your HPA tank with an air compressor, consistently remember to apply a paintball tank or airsoft tank, primarily invented for this purpose, such as a paintball tank or paintball tank regulator.

Applying the wrong type of tank or regulator can be dangerous and destroy your equipment. So, make certain to use a paintball tank or airsoft tank.

It’s crucial to understand that paintball tanks exist in various sizes and materials, so choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. When storing your paintball tanks, make sure to keep them in a fresh, bare place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Preservation tips for your air compressor

Constant maintenance is major to guarantee the smooth functioning of your air compressors. The tasks involve the maintenance of air filters by cleaning them, inspecting for any leaks, and applying lubrication to the components in motion.

To receive guidance on upholding your air compressor, refer to the corresponding user manual.

If you properly maintain your air compressors, you will be able to replenish your HPA tank for a lot of years to come.

It is essential to affix the HPA tank securely to your paintball gun or marker.

Best practices for HPA tank storage

It is paramount to contemplate some best practices apart from storing your HPA tank correctly. To ensure safety, it is important to keep the tank away from moisture, avoid storing it near flammable materials, and not leave it in a hot car.

Easy guide how to fill HPA tank with air compressor 3

Frequently asked questions

Can you fill an air tank with an air compressor?

It is achievable to charge an air tank with an air compressor, nevertheless, it is crucial to confirm that the compressor can safely attain the tank’s needed pressure rating and that the tank is in good condition and secure for charging.

What are HPA tanks filled with?

HPA tanks used for supplying high-pressure air, typically consist of compressed air or nitrogen.

Compressed air is a regularly utilized gas, which typically gets pressed to 3000 or 4500 psi.

Can I fill my own paintball air tank?

You can replenish paintball air tank by utilizing air compressor.

It is crucial to adhere to appropriate measures and recommended techniques when filling the tank to ensure it is done safely and effectively, and to verify that the paintball air tanks are in optimal condition and secure to charge.


In this article, we answered the question: “How to fill HPA tank with air compressor?”.

To identify a safe and systematic charging experience, it is significant to get in possession of an air compressor that is appropriate with HPA tanks and observe the aforementioned efforts.

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