A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch

In this article, you will understand an air compressor pressure switch and how to adjust it correctly. Firstly, here is brief information about the structure and the function of an air compressor, then comes an adjustment guide with several points to follow. These points teach you how to regulate settings properly to reach your goal.

adjust compressor pressure switch

Parts of the air compressor

Its function is to maintain the tank pressure between a given lower and upper pressure. If the pressure in the tank exceeds the top or bottom limit, an electric switch is activated. This may prevent you from controlling the pressures.

Air compressor pressure switches consist of many different parts and almost all of them are in need to be serviced.

It would be better for you and for your pocket to learn about them because they have features to break down or get dirty like any other technological device.

Below are some details of the various and most important air compressor parts that can be found on air compressors. But remember that not all mentioned spares can be found on all models of machines.

  • Air inlet filters
  • Pressure switch
  • Compressor oil filter
  • Air compressor oil
  • Piston compressor unloader valves
  • Screw compressor inlet valves

Knowing these parts gives you a chance to do your task better, cheaper, and without any trouble. You will not need even the service of a mechanic. If you want a mechanic to serve your machine, you will know the structure and nobody can cheat on you. You’ll have fewer problems with using it.

A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch 2

Setting the right pressure is important

The main feature of everything is safe, that’s why there is a need to learn how to adjust compressor pressure switch and set the right pressure.

Improper pressure setting of the tool can lead to an explosion, especially if it is old or of poor quality.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to regulate the pressure of the compressor.

A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch 3

Points to adjusting the air compressor pressure switch

There are two types of adjusting to choose from that depend on the model of the pressure switch. You can adjust only the pressure setting, with a fixed differential pressure, or you can adjust both the pressure setting and the differential pressure.

Point 1 – Preparation for adjustment

At the beginning of your work, check out the power supply which should be insulated from electricity. The datasheet of the particular switch should be in front of you to look at at any time. One thing to remember is that your device may differ by its mechanism from other ones.

A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch 4

Point 2 – Adjustment settings

Then start removing the protective cover and presetting the cut on pressure switch. Then you can set the pressure cut-off point. Typically, the desired cut-in pressure engagement of the fan screw is very close to the compressor motor.

When activated, the compressor pump starts its work using higher pressure. To cut in sooner – at lower pressure, you should turn the adjustment screw counter clockwise.

Point 3 – Adjust the pressure differential to the maximum.

You need to identify what settings are appropriate. Remember to supply a known pressure to the pressure switch.

The hysteresis (distinction of cut-on and cut-off pressure points) is adjusted to the maximum differential pressure.

To do this, loosen the adjustment nut on the smaller spring until the spring stops being compressed.

The fixed range pressure switch comes with a starting screw with a spring and an adjusting nut.

A safety valve must be installed to protect the system in situations where the pressure in the tank rises above the set value. The relief valve may open as a precaution and release air if the maximum PSI is exceeded.

Proper compressor adjustments are important if you want to avoid damaging the compressor pump.

A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch 5

Point 4 – Consider adjusting the cut in compressing switch

The next step to follow is regulating the bigger springs to the appointed cut-in air compressor pressure switch. Careful adjustment of the dispensing cut in pressure is important. The same work should be done with each spring until the switch clicks at the appropriate pressure.

If you want to set the cut-in pressure and change the cut-out pressure at the same time, do not set the two settings too close to each other, as this may result in too fast actuation and loud chatter.

A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch 7

Point 5 – Consider adjusting the cut out compressing switch

While adjusting cut out pressure, the compressor can stop and restart if it does not reach high enough pressure to set cut in. The above data clearly shows that the pressure cut on is lesser than the cut-off point. There is a pressure range between these points.

Setting cut-off point can be achieved by preloading smaller springs until a suitable value is reached.

Remember that your compressor must be sized to operate properly at these cut-on and cut-out settings.

These are simply two levels of pressure switch at which a pump will begin and end. The compressor will stop as soon as it gets to the cut-off point and starts again once the pressure drops to the cut on point.

Be aware that in some cases the smaller spring sets the cut-in instead of the cut-off compressing. In addition, several types of switches require a spring to set the cut-on and cut-off adjustments harmoniously.

As you have read, there may be various ways to install cut-in pressure switches to deactivate and activate pressure switches. These two pressure set points determine the correct pressure for the air compressors to turn on and begin producing compressed air.

A guideline to adjust the compressor pressure switch 6


All information given above is about the detailed rules of adjusting an air pressure switch or the settings on a new pressure switch and below we consider several short answers to the questions. Regular servicing may help you to save lots of cash and time. For this, you need to learn better skills like setting the correct pressure with a pressure switch.

Is it difficult for you to set the pressure switch on the air compressor?

No, it is not. Adjusting pressure switches is not something very complicated. It can be adjusted properly by every person who reads the detailed instructions carefully. Read the thorough information and learn to operate properly.

Always remember to identify the pressure correctly.

How do you adjust the pressure on a compressor pressure switch?

First, I turned off the pump and opened the lid. You are to turn the screw clockwise to start adjusting the cut-on point. By doing this you would increase the pressure and clockwise to decrease it.

The state, while the adjustment screw is turned counter clockwise, decreases the cut-off, and the cut-on pressure drops by a similar quantity. In that case, the cut-on pressure drops after several minutes and exceeds the bottom limit, and the switch closes the electrical circuit.

Checking cut-in point is the next task to do. It can be managed by draining the pump’s release pressure with the drain valve’s help. If all steps of instruction are completed, plug the pump and run it to test that the new cut-in point pressure is working properly.

A similar procedure is also used for setting the cut-out pressures.
Then all you have to do is turn on the compressor until it reaches the desired pressure, which is proof of successful turning.

What index of pressure my air compressor needs to be set at?

The answer to this question would depend on the model of the pump. The gauge on the regulator should be set at about 125 PSI.

This knowledge would help you save on the cost of the service agent and your pump to work without interrupting its operation.


These types of compressors are an essential part of any worker’s toolkit and our goal is to help keep them as efficient in the workplace as possible! We hope that with the help of those easy-to-follow steps, you can properly install and adjust your air compressor pressure switch. It takes you 15 to 20 minutes to manage the same pressure settings on your tool.

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